Custom Aluminium Gates

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We build Custom Aluminium Security Gates

Aluminium gates can actually be stronger than steel when engineered correctly. We use various wall thicknesses and different grades of Aluminium depending on the application.

Of course Aluminium does not rust which prolongs the product life. Steel requires Galvanising to protect the material from rusting this is not required for Aluminium.

Since Aluminium is so much lighter than steel gate motors do not work as hard and end up lasting longer.

We also provide custom engineering, Milling, CNC and welding services for Steel, Stainless Steel Aluminium.  Carbon Fiber composites services also available. 

IP Gate & Door Access System!


Wireless Buildings has many years of experience in the IT business.  Specializing in long distance communications controlling end points over a TCP-IP network including industrial standards such as RS-485, 422 and CANBUS.  This has allowed access and control of a multitude of infrastructures.

When building think IP control rather than standalone devices.  IP devices become a node on a network allowing for better remote access that's more secure and easier to drive.

We now offer full TCP IP access systems with full video audio including motion sensing that allows you to monitor and control your gate or doors using your Apple IOS or Android device.

If you have a situation where you think you have power and communication problems Wireless Buildings will have the answer. 


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